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What Does It Mean When Your Partner Curses at You?

Swearing might have a proper time and place, but it can certainly be a red flag in a relationship. Check out what does it mean when your partner curses at you? Automatic Swearing Did you know that swearing can actually be produced in two different parts of the brain? It's true! When someone swears out…

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How to Convince Teens to Stay in School

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of teenagers who drop out of high school is around 8 percent. That means that for every 1,000 out-of-work individuals, 80 are facing an already difficult-to-crack job market without even the most basic education. Parents and teachers can unite to convince these kids, one by one, that staying in school is the best choice for their future success and happiness.

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Problems That Teen Parents Face

Teen birthrates are higher in the United States than in most other developed countries, according to the March of Dimes. This is problematic because teen mothers and their babies have increased risks to their health. In addition, future opportunities in life are limited to teen parents and their children.

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Helpful Tips for Empty Nest Moms

If youre a seasoned mom who woke up one morning and suddenly wondered, OMG, how did I get here?and then cringe, you just might be experiencing what is commonly referred to as Empty Nest Syndrome.