3 mins read

Birthday Party Location Ideas

Location, location, location–the old business mantra holds true for memorable birthday parties as well. The venue you choose for a birthday party affects your choice of food, activities, decorations–even the time and date of your party. The right birthday party location can reduce your planning work and turn the gathering into a treasured birthday memory.

8 mins read

Holiday Gift Guide For The Fam – 2019

Hard to believe it's already nearly Thanksgiving. That means it's time to get your shopping on! We found some fun gifts we know we'd like. We hope you do too. Looking for a unique gift for a baseball fan? This Lemon Peel Old Fashioned baseball is an amazing keepsake made from genuine Horween glove tan…

6 mins read

8 Ways to Teach Your Kids Mindful Eating

Introducing whole foods to your children is an exciting time, and one that can likely start you down a road of wondering whether or not you are providing them with the right foods, at the right time. While parents share many similar questions and concerns surrounding food for their kids (especially if they’re picky eaters),…

5 mins read

Spring, Teens, and the Trouble with Music Festivals

Spring is here…and parents beware. There’s trouble lurking when kids get too old for the Easter Bunny. When you have older teenagers, warmer weather means the annual spring music festivals are coming. And there’s not much that’s innocent about these merry music events. Music festivals have not changed much since Woodstock, the famous “3 Days…