3 mins read

Is My Child Depressed?

Children aren’t always going to run around and play. Sometimes, they are going to get sad. While it may be troubling to see your child experiencing sadness, this is normal and doesn’t mean your child is depressed. If the sadness lasts a long time, however, or if this sadness disrupts normal activities, your child may be depressed. If so, you can treat the condition.

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Depressed Dads More Likely to Spank

New news on sad dads: A new study shows that depressed fathers are more likely to hit their children than their happy counterparts. Out of a group of 1,700 fathers of 1-year-old children, 7% had diagnosed depression and these men were nearly four times as likely to report spanking their child and less likely to be involved in day-to-day parent/child activities, such as reading a book together.