3 mins read

Why Does Skin Wrinkle in Water?

Anyone who’s taken a bath or has gone swimming has noticed something peculiar when fingers and toes have been soaking for too long–they start to get really wrinkly. It may leave you wondering what the heck is up–after all, many women want to stop that wrinkling effect these days, right? Don’t worry, the effect of wrinkled skin in water is perfectly harmless, and the answer to why it happens is quite simple.

2 mins read

How Much Water Should a Toddler Drink?

Just as you loosely track your toddler’s consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables, you should also make sure he drinks enough water. Water keeps your active toddler hydrated throughout his busy day, and it also delivers nutrients to different parts of his body, flushes impurities from his system and helps him sweat, which keeps him from getting overheated.