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A Matter of Life: Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Motherhood can be a dream. Nothing compares to welcoming your own children into the world, to watching them take their first steps, to hearing their first words, to seeing them make friends, go to school, graduate, begin their careers, start families of their own... Motherhood can also be a nightmare. Nothing is more agonizing than…

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The Importance of Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

In light of all the news stories surfacing about child sexual abuse, we feel that teachers ought be prepared. Unfortunately, teachers do not have the power to protect their students as well as we would like. It would be nice if teachers could be provided with more complete training in sexual abuse prevention so they would at least be armed with the knowledge to keep our children safe.

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Lice Prevention in Schools

The common cold is the only communicable health problem that beats out lice at the school age, according to MayoClinic.com. The small insects lay eggs, called nits, on the hair shaft to continue the population in the hair. The insects travel from one head to the next through direct contact with another person’s hair or things that have touched the hair, such as brushes, scarves and hair clips. School prevention methods keep lice infestations to a minimum.