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Apple’s Big iPhone Launch Event & Keynote

Apple’s big keynote address just wrapped up and there’s still no iPhone 5, although there is a new phone and a new operating system hitting the market. Tim Cook, whohas headed up the company since Steve Jobs’ retirement in August, hosted the event at Apple’s Cupertino campus. He kicked off the event with Good morning, this is my first product launch since being named CEO.

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Top Picks for Christmas in July

This year, we’re working really hard to budget wisely (and most importantly -stick to it!). As a family, we have had our share of ups and downs, but were learning as we go and getting better. Planning ahead is uber-important when it comes to budgeting. Each year after the holidays come and go, I add up all the expenses- from gifts, extra food & baking, decorating, cards, wrapping, and a few holiday party outfits (how do they always find their way in there?) :).