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Spring Break Driving You Nuts? Do This!

Moms, it’s that time of year again! The week that kids look forward to all winter long, and the week that parents don’t… Spring break has been underway around the country for a few weeks now, and whether you have one kid on break or multiple home at different times, it’s easy to run out of ways to entertain them. Luckily, it’s just as easy to jump back into the spring break attitude with a few fresh ideas and activities. The kids will have so much fun they won’t want to go back to school on Monday morning! (Uh oh, is that a good thing?)

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Running Head First Into Divorce Guilt

Apparently, parenting kids through divorce is so rife with missteps and trauma, the process has acquired its very own brand of guilt: divorce guilt. And I just ran head first into it. Divorce guilt had been sneaking up on me for months without my realizing it. Since my husband and I told our three teenaged kids last December about the impending split, I have been laser focused on their emotional well-being. (And on safeguarding my …