2 mins read

How to Make Dry Hair Silky

Dry, brittle hair is prone to breakage, not to mention unsightly frizz. Over cleansing, heat stylers and chemical processing can all lead to a head of hair that is less than manageable. Dry hair lacks the moisture content necessary to maintain its silky sheen, according to MedLline Plus. Reintroducing moisture to your hair and adjusting the way you care for your hair can help improve its texture, minimize flyaways and restore smoothness.

3 mins read

Cooking for Kids with Food Allergies

Food allergies present the risk of potentially serious reactions based on your child’s specific allergies. Processed or prepared foods make it more difficult to control exactly what your child eats. Birthday parties and other social settings leave your child exposed to even more risks of encountering ingredients that cause allergic reactions. Learning to cook for your child with food allergies increases the safety of her diet.