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Why Using a Professional Power Toothbrush Makes a Difference #OralBSponsored

Before receiving the Oral-B Professional Precision 5000 as part of a blog tour with Modern Mom my family was using the least expensive battery powered toothbrushes we could find from our local grocery store. I could definitely feel and see the difference using a power toothbrush was making over a manual one. However, the Oral-B Professional not only feels 10x better than the battery powered brush I was using; it has also corrected my brushing habits.

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Professional Hairstyles for Interviews

You have the resume, the experience and the firm handshake, but if you don’t have a professional look, you may not land the job. When interviewing, the less your outfit and hairstyle attract attention, the better your chances of landing the job. Leave the sparkling hair clips and barrettes at home and wear your hair in a conservative and classy style.

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How to Do a Professional Pedicure

A pedicure is the most luxurious gift that you can give your feet. After walking and standing for hour after hour, day after day, your feet will appreciate a little TLC. Salon pedicures tend to be pricey, especially if you opt to treat yourself on a monthly basis. But you can perform your own professional pedicure in the privacy of your own home, pamper your sore feet and save yourself some money.

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How to Blow Dry Hair Professionally

It never fails. Every time you leave the hair salon, you look fabulous, but you can’t recreate the look at home. You remind yourself to pay careful attention to how the stylist blows your hair dry so you can emulate the look, but to no avail. Your hair still doesn’t look the way your stylist made it look. That’s because your hair stylist has some tricks up his sleeve that you should know.