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How to Clean a House Air-Conditioning Unit

While repairs to an air-conditioning unit usually require a professional technician, periodic cleaning is something most homeowners can do. Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils once each year can help keep your unit performing at its highest efficiency. While air-conditioning units vary depending on the model and manufacturer, basic cleaning procedures are similar.

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How Long Can I Leave False Eyelashes On? How long do they stay on?

False eyelashes emphasize your eyes, adding drama and style to day or evening looks. Depending upon the lashes you choose, you can add just a bit of length and fullness, or long, lush lashes. While individual eyelashes and eyelash strips are easy to apply, they are a short-term solution. For longer wear, consider eyelash extensions instead of fake eyelashes.

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Causes of Breast Cancer in Women

Breast cancer can can afflict both men and women, but it is far more prevalent among women. It is the second-most commonly diagnosed type of cancer among women, exceeded only by skin cancer. Massive breast cancer awareness campaigns and improved early detection and treatment methods have contributed to a steadily increasing survival rate for breast cancer victims, but the medical community is still not sure of the causes of breast cancer in women.

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Questions to Ask at a First Pregnancy Appointment

When you make your first of many pregnancy checkup visits to your doctor, you will likely have much about which to inquire. To ensure that you know what you need to do to produce an infant who is as healthy as possible, you should pose an array of questions to these trained professionals. When writing down your list of first appointment queries, include an array of questions regarding both your health and the health of your budding baby.

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Spa Manicure and Pedicure Procedures

Many busy moms delight in receiving a spa manicure and pedicure. Not only does this process leave your hands and feet looking great, it also serves as a relaxing time for you to sit back and be pampered. The traditional spa manicure and pedicure is a multifaceted process that is specifically design to leave your hands and feet at their finest.