4 mins read

Feeding Kids’ Curiosity at Home

When my kids were little, summers were tough enough balancing summer camps and fights over the same toys surrounded by a floor littered with plenty of choices. “Mom, that’s mine.” “Mom, she won’t share.” With the amount of time parents and kids have spent at home over the last year in the midst of pandemic…

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Benefits of Cell Phones for Kids

“But all my friends have one,” may be a constant argument if your child really wants you to get her a cell phone. While some parents may fear giving their child a cell phone opens the door to danger, such as the child contacting undesirable people without the parent knowing or a teenager texting her boyfriend at all hours of the day and night, other parents view the cell phone as a safety tool.

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Technology Terrors and Our Kids

Two events occurred last week in my area that are sure to terrify parents everywhere. First, two Virginia Tech students were charged with kidnapping and killing 13-year-old Nicole Lovell, a Virginia seventh grader who used social media to escape bullying after surviving a liver transplant earlier in her life. Second, also in Maryland, a 22-year-old church…