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Pregnancy and Sinus Pain

According to Lisa Rodriguez, R.N., contributing writer for the Dr. Spock website, sinus pain and infection are common pregnancy ailments. The hormones responsible for vaginal swelling also cause the lining of nasal passages and sinus cavities to swell, a condition called sinusitis. Increased swelling prevents nasal passages from draining properly, and this back-up of fluid can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria. The result is a painful sinus infection.

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Ready, Set, Selfie: Should We Be Concerned About Our Kids On Social Media?

Think your child is only on Facebook and is probably aware of the dangers? Think againand again, and again, and again. Your tweens and teens are on many social media sites, and chances are its not even Facebook. Most parents know about Facebook; heck, most parents are on Facebook. What parents dont know about are the countless other social media experiences their children have on a daily basis. The myriad of bizarre …

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The Value of Family Meals

During the past four weeks, Ive been to Pennsylvania and Maine, Massachusetts and New York, Florida, Georgia and Alabama. While on the road, I was happy to see lots of family farms, from roof-tops to backyards. It made me smile to pass little produce stands selling sweet corn, watermelon and tomatoes, and the proliferation of restaurants supporting local farms while serving regional fare made mealtime a daily highlight. Clearly, the resurgence of gardening, community-supported agriculture, and hobby farms is inspiring, as America works toward better health, but all of this makes me wonder whats going on inside the home when it comes to nutrition and healthy eating.