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Christmas Office Decorating Themes

Turning your workplace into a haven of holiday merriment is a great way to get your staff excited about the upcoming season. To give your office a touch of charm this holiday season, select a theme around which to decorate your space. By adopting a specific decorating motif, you can ensure that your office space is cohesively decorated (a must for all those Type-A readers out there). It also serves as an aesthetically pleasing reminder of the approaching holiday.

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Why Does Skin Wrinkle in Water?

Anyone who’s taken a bath or has gone swimming has noticed something peculiar when fingers and toes have been soaking for too long–they start to get really wrinkly. It may leave you wondering what the heck is up–after all, many women want to stop that wrinkling effect these days, right? Don’t worry, the effect of wrinkled skin in water is perfectly harmless, and the answer to why it happens is quite simple.

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Signs of PMS or Pregnancy

If you’re trying to conceive a baby, chances are you are evaluating every little sign and symptom you experience. But differentiating between the signs of PMS or pregnancy can seem next to impossible. Given that many early signs and symptoms of pregnancy mimic impending menstruation, the only way to know you are pregnant for certain is for your health care provider to confirm it through a urine or blood sample, or by an early ultrasound.