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BeauByte – The New Social Community For Beauty Lovers

The following post is in partnership with BeauByte. Are you obsessed with makeup and beauty products? Do you want to discover new products from people who actually wear them and genuinely love them (not because they are being paid to promote them)? Well then BeauByte is definitely the app for you! It’s a unique social…

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7 Surprisingly Dangerous Social Media Sites For Teens

It is comforting to believe we have taught our children to avoid common pitfalls in life that might expose them to danger, like texting while driving or getting into a stranger’s van. Parents often enforce curfews and stress the importance of abstaining from risky behaviors to keep children safe, but we often overlook some common…

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Simple Ways You Can Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

Over 186,400 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, according to the CDC. The death rate from breast cancer in the same year was 41,116. With these statistics, breast cancer awareness remains a vital tool for the health of society. Breast cancer awareness activities don’t need to be elaborating orchestrated fundraising events. Simple tactics aim to reach into the community with an effective message of awareness.

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Infant Social Development & Attachment Activities

Did you know your baby’s social development and attachments to you and others are significant to his communication skills, language development and many other facets of development? It’s so important to provide your baby with an environment rich in nurturing stimuli like some of the suggestions we have listed below:

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Fun Game Ideas for Kids

Kids of all ages enjoy playing games and participating in fun activities. In fact, many cultures can find records of ancient games played by generations of children. Although game playing may have been around for countless centuries, finding fun ones to share with your children may present a dilemma. The desire to participate in playing certain games varies from child to child, depending on age, ability, activity level and personal interests. In addition to providing a fun pastime, games can improve your children’s environmental and social awareness, while improving their skills.