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A New Book by Kimberly Kaplan

A New Book Shameless promotion warning…Especially guilty since this book is not autism-related. Yet, I have a book coming out this week! “Remembering Monty -- Monty Hall: Emcee, Song and Dance Man, Humanitarian, and the Face of Let’s Make a Deal” There’s a story to the story. Which is? Turns out, Monty Hall was an…

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The Street Sign I’ll Never Forget

While traveling this summer with my son, we were driving in a small Pennsylvania town and discovered what I thought was a unique and fascinating neighborhood sign.It was a yellow (caution) sign that read: “Autistic Child Area.”(It was similar to a Blind Child Area sign.)I stopped immediately and backed up to get another look at the sign. My ever-observant son noticed me backing up the car and questioned what I was doing …

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Killer Diet Tips for Teens

Does your teenage girl know Ana? How about Mia? If shes not yet comfortable in her own skin, maybe trying to lose a little weight, she might know one of them, or at least where they hang out. Just like your teen, Ana and Mia are constantly online. Sharing thoughts. Posting pictures. And they have awesome diet advice, like Eat ice or gum when youre hungry, and Drink one glass of water every hour.