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Twitter Parties and Promotions

Looking to build social media buzz? Increase brand recognition? Drive traffic to products & promotions? Trend a specific hashtag? We can do all of this and more. ModernMom Twitter parties will boost your online presence while increasing connections with your audience. With average impressions ranging from 17-25 million impressions you can engage with targeted influencers. What we provide.…

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Golden Bachelor Divorce – Why All Marriages Should Have a Prenup

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, stars of the reality show "The Golden Bachelor," have decided to end their marriage after just three months. The couple, who became engaged and married following their appearance on the show, announced their decision during an emotional interview on "Good Morning America." Despite the short duration of their marriage, both…

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ModernMom’s Guidelines for Our Valued Content Contributors

At Modern Mom, our core values revolve around leaving a positive impact on the world, treating others as we'd like to be treated, and serving as role models for our children, nurturing the next generation to become exceptional individuals. We welcome you as part of our valued and vibrant community of thoughtful, brilliant content creators.…

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Back-to-School Business Trip Tips

Most of us survived, more or less, the first week or two of back-to-school chaos.  Our kids hopefully have all the backpacks, textbooks, and sharpened pencils they need. We’re all coping with those nasty alarm clocks that have the gall to buzz while it’s still dark out.

Now onto phase two: mastering our own absence when our kids are in school.

Leaving your kids behind during the school year is a challenge few …

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Breaking the Cycle of Alcoholism

Have you ever had that moment when you stop and say, how did I get so lucky? Well, I wish I could say that the happiness I live today was all luck but it was a long journey of healing to get to a place of joy. When I was young I had a troubled…