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Pregnancy pH-Balanced Diet

Eating a healthy diet during pregnancy helps ensure that you and your baby get the nutrition you need. A pH-balanced diet works with the pH levels of your body as a way to monitor whether you are at optimal health during your pregnancy. Some experts, like Esme Stevens, the founder of Raw Food Europe, believe that following a pH-balanced diet can reduce some negative pregnancy symptoms, like feeling tired.

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Going Through Life Off-Balance

I’ve written several times before about how my son has amblyopia, which is also known as “lazy eye.” If you haven’t read my previous posts, amblyopia is a brain disorder in which the brain doesn’t process what one of the eyes is seeing. If left untreated, the eye will become weaker and weaker since it’s not being used (hence the term ‘lazy’), and eventually it will stop working all together, causing blindness in that eye. After a year of patching therapy – where my son wears a patch over his good eye in order to force the other eye to work – I’m thrilled to report that his vision has improved tremendously. A year ago, when he was diagnosed, his vision was 20/60 with glasses. Now, its 20/25.

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Proper Nutrition for a Teenager

Teenagers need to eat a balanced, healthy diet to grow into healthy, happy adults. Unfortunately, right when teenagers need the most guidance in choosing a healthy diet, they also have less supervision and a constant barrage of unhealthy food choices, from fast food fries and pizza at the mall to candy in the vending machines at school. You may not be able to control everything that goes into your teenager’s mouth, but you can educate him on proper nutrition and trust him to make his own healthy decisions.

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Proper Diet for Infertility Acupuncture

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, acupuncture may help you to conceive. Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, dealing with releasing energy blockages in your body. Your acupuncturist may suggest that you also follow a diet for infertility. This involves eating foods that help support your energy flow, making it easier for you to become pregnant.

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10 Ways to Create a Personal Balance Sheet

You can create a personal balance sheet to gain perspective on your financial well-being. In its simplest form, a personal balance sheet details your net worth–basically the amount of cash and property you have, minus your debts and other liabilities. With a little tweaking, your balance sheet can serve as a financial planning tool. Use it to monitor your investments, flag dangerous debt levels and prepare for major expenditures (a home purchase or kids’ college fund) and retirement. Need help getting started? Consider 10 basic ways to create a personal balance sheet that meets your needs.