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The Horrifying Truth About Domestic Violence

Relationship violence is certainly not a fun or comfortable topic to discuss, but it’s increasingly a subject of immense importance. A recent Glamour magazine survey revealed that 29 percent of respondents reported having been in an abusive relationship, and an additional 30 percent admitted they had not been in an abusive relationship, but had been degraded, threatened with a gun or knife, or harmed by their partner at some point.

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Ideas to Decorate a Cubicle

If you are among millions of people who call a cubicle a workplace, consider yourself lucky. Although, you may see it only as a table with three low walls, a cubicle is your sanctuary and an extension of your home. A cubicle, which usually comes in a bland color of office gray, is a blank canvas, where you can creatively decorate using ideas that will suit your personality and style.