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Protein Must-Haves For Busy Families

Even though it's summer, most of us are still running around which makes it difficult to give our kids (and ourselves) enough protein on the go. We found some innovative items that provide protein and fuel to help make the chaos more tolerable. Vega Protein & Greens is made from real, whole food ingredients and one serving has 20 grams…

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How Many Calories & Proteins Are Healthy to Eat Each Day?

The number of calories you should eat daily depends on how active you are and your metabolic rate. The amount of protein you eat daily depends on your weight. You may also need to eat more calories and protein each day if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. In order to keep your current weight, you need to use as many calories as you consume in a day. To lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn.

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High-Protein Weight-Loss Diets

Protein is essential to maintaining a healthy body so when the time comes to lose weight, you might turn to a high protein diet. This can be safely done if you are a healthy adult, according to the Mayo Clinic. People with liver or kidney disease are cautioned against following a high-protein diet. Knowing the basics of several high-protein weight-loss programs can help you decide which one will be right for you.

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Examples of Low-Protein Diets

Protein is important for a healthy body; however, there are certain conditions where it should be limited or lowered. Some conditions that require lower protein intake include liver and kidney diseases. These conditions can lead to high levels or buildup of urea (a waste product of protein metabolism) in the bloodstream, causing loss of appetite and fatigue. A low-protein diet will reduce the buildup of urea in the bloodstream.