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Single Mothers’ Rights

A mother may become a single parent through divorce, widowhood or an estrangement from the father of her child. A single mother’s rights regarding such important issues as custody, child support or visitation can vary from state to state. Having a clear understanding of these rights is vital. Rights in family law will first consider the needs and rights of the child over the wants and demands of either parent. Ideally, the best interests of the child should be the primary criteria in all decision making.

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ModernMom’s Guidelines for Our Valued Content Contributors

At Modern Mom, our core values revolve around leaving a positive impact on the world, treating others as we'd like to be treated, and serving as role models for our children, nurturing the next generation to become exceptional individuals. We welcome you as part of our valued and vibrant community of thoughtful, brilliant content creators.…

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Autism and a New Study

Autism and a New Study Happy New Year 2022 Recently, I came across a study that provides one explanation on why autism presents in males more than females. NOTE: This is only one small study conducted by Dr. Christine Ecker of Goethe University in Germany. What did the study say? The study looked at why…