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Expert Advice About Pregnancy

When you get that positive test result confirming your pregnancy, a million questions are likely to flood your mind. With so many opinions, old wives’ tales and rumors, you may find expert advice to be your best source for answers. Seek out reputable advice and get the information you’ve been seeking.

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All About Egg Donation: Q&A With A Fertility Expert

In the past three years, my husband and I have suffered four miscarriages. We’ve also had 28 embryos genetically tested, only to find out that they were not viable. Why? Because I have a translocation, a genetic mutation which causes the vast majority of my eggs to be genetically unsound.This means that if my husband and I want to expand our family, the only options we have left are egg donation,embryo donation and adoption

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Car Seat Guidelines From the Experts

Car seats are known to be highly effective in preventing death and injuries in car crashes. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that the protective seats reduce fatalities by a whopping 54 percent. Now the American Academy of Pediatrics has released updated advice on when to strap your kiddies into their special seats.

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Driving This Thanksgiving? Here are AAA’s Tips to Avoid the Traffic Jam

Plan your Thanksgiving road trip wisely to avoid traffic hassles and ensure a stress-free holiday. Get insights from AAA’s Thanksgiving travel forecast and expert tips for a smooth journey.