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Auld Acquaintance

An innocent little buzzing noise came from the center console. We had been on the road home from Christmas with my in-laws for a whole four hours, and my mother-in-law was sending me a text. She does that- she likes checking in. One look at the message and my heart dropped to my feet. "Lice,"…

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Body Cleanse Rapid Weight Loss

Some companies claim that the real reason that you are not losing weight is that you have so many toxins built up in your body. While it’s true that we are bombarded with toxins every day–in the air we breathe and on the foods we eat–you are probably not losing weight because your calories in/calories out ratio is unbalanced.

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What Are the Benefits of Meditation Studies?

The results of extensive research, including research on the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi, have been published in over 160 peer-reviewed scientific journals and edited books, including some leading scientific journals. The research into the effects of meditation studies have shown that they provide physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits. Some studies even suggest that you will live longer if you practice meditation.