4 mins read

Running Head First Into Divorce Guilt

Apparently, parenting kids through divorce is so rife with missteps and trauma, the process has acquired its very own brand of guilt: divorce guilt. And I just ran head first into it. Divorce guilt had been sneaking up on me for months without my realizing it. Since my husband and I told our three teenaged kids last December about the impending split, I have been laser focused on their emotional well-being. (And on safeguarding my …

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How to Choose a Dog for Kids

Kids and dogs often form a strong bond, but there are several considerations before running off to pick up your new puppy. Choosing a pup that matches your family’s needs increases the chances of the new pet working out long-term. The type of dog also affects safety, both for your kids and the dog. A tiny dog with rough children could get injured, while a large, aggressive dog could harm your child. Here are eight factors to consider when shopping for a puppy!