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Holiday Gift Guide 2018 For Babies, Kids and Teens

It's the time of year that your kids are hopefully being nice in anticipation of holiday gifts! And if they aren't then it's a good time to hold it over their heads! We've gathered super cool products for teens, tweens, kids and babies that we think they'll love! Gamers of all ages can play in…

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The Best Free Black Friday Apps For Your Smartphone

We all know that there are absolutely amazing deals on Black Friday. What’s notso amazing is the stress of finding the very best deal on the market. There’s nothing worse than buying a big-ticket item, only find out that it was cheaper somewhere else. But thanks to some great new apps, you can say goodbye to shopping stress! By putting the best prices right at your fingertips, they’ll help you conquer the holiday shopping system. Here are our picks for the best Black Friday apps: Red Laser

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Relay Game Ideas for Kids

Relay games are classic for large groups. They get everyone involved and give each child a moment to shine. You can play games anywhere, indoors or outdoors, on land or in the water. Although they take some time, relay games are relatively simple and are easy for everyone to understand. They have clear winners, usually, are fun for everyone involved.

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Scrapbook Romance Ideas

Scrapbooks can be a romantic gift for boyfriends, girlfriends, fiances and spouses. Whether you have been together a short time or a lifetime, a scrapbook is a personal gift that tells your significant other that you are invested in the relationship and know him well. Any style and preference can be reflected in a scrapbook gift.

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Teen Boy Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a birthday party for your teen means balancing familiar childish delights with more grown-up desires. Most teen boys look forward to their birthdays and want to celebrate in a fun way, without compromising their reputation or opening themselves up to embarrassment. Find a happy medium by putting together a birthday party centered around one of your teen’s favorite activities or interests.