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Educational Toys for Toddlers

Once toddlers start to walk and talk, many parents want to provide quality educational toys for them. While there are many toys on the market designed to teach the alphabet and numbers, many of these toys are geared towards preschoolers instead of toddlers. Toddlers can learn a lot about their world and language through a variety of educational toys, such as blocks and books. By selecting the right type of educational toys for your toddler, you can help your child to learn and grow.

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Harvard and Other Elite Schools End Test Optional Applications: What You Need to Know

In a move that has rekindled discussions about the role of standardized tests in college admissions, Harvard University has recently announced that it will reintroduce SAT and ACT scores as a requirement for its application process. This decision marks a significant shift from the temporary test-optional policies adopted by many institutions during the pandemic. Understandably,…