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Tax Tips for Gifts to Charity

Although you donate gifts to a charity as an act of kindness, your charitable generosity may give you some much needed tax relief. Each time you make a donation, regardless if it is monetary, a service rendered or material items, make sure you obtain some type of record for your donation. When it comes time to file your tax return, pull out those records for the gifts you gave to charity throughout the year, and you could possibly decrease the amount of taxes you owe. Monetary Donations

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“Laughing Baby” Mom Shares Viral Video Secrets

Hes been called the Laughing Baby in the media. On YouTube, his video is appropriately titled Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper, and in just two months, its attracted over 16 million views. To define it best in web slang: His video has gone viral. Its catapulted a 10-month-old boy to a type of celebrity status, plucking a small family from St. Louis, Missouri, and plopping them down on the couch of televisions The Today Show.

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Divorce & IRA Accounts

During the course of a divorce, any assets you and your spouse had will need to be divided. With the help of your lawyers or a mediator, you will decide who gets what property, how to divide your savings and how to divvy up the retirement accounts. Splitting up the 401(k)s and the IRAs is a bit trickier than simply dividing a regular savings account.

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Internet Dating Tips for Women

Internet dating is booming. Whether via online matchmaking sites, social networking sites, online personals listings or online chat rooms, men and women are meeting potential friends, lovers and lifetime mates online. If you’re thinking that online dating is a poor second cousin to meeting somebody in real life, consider these statistics: One of the biggest free dating sites in the U.S., PlentyOfFish.com, has received up to a million visitors in a single day, and Jupiter Research estimates the Internet dating industry will take in almost $2 billion in revenue by the year 2012. Why is Internet dating so popular? While it’s true that you can’t absorb certain details about a potential significant other simply from an online meeting, Internet dating offers benefits over real-life first meetings, the major one being that looking for love on the Internet opens the playing field to more people than you could ever hope to consider otherwise. Internet dating can be safe and extremely rewarding, if you keep certain tips in mind.