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How to Choose a Therapist for My Child

Child therapists cover a variety of situations, including abuse, behavioral problems, anger, bullying and social difficulties. No matter why your child needs a therapist, the selection process is crucial. A therapist who meshes well with your child is more likely to make progress toward helping your child deal with the root problems. Experience and schooling of the therapist is only one aspect when looking for a qualified therapist. The professional’s attitude, philosophy and method of interacting with children also plays a role in finding a match for your child.

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Taking a Portrait With Kids Is Not A Snap!

We have been busy setting up the new house and my 15 year old asked me why dont we have any nice posed pictures of all the kids that we can hang over the mantle. There are lots of candid shots of the childrenbut not one of those beautiful posed portraitsyou know the kind that is so beautiful some people even have an oil painting made of it. I smiled to myself thinking about the last time I had the bright idea to try and get a posed portrait of the six children.