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How to Recognize Autism in Toddlers

Unlike many other disorders that afflict children, no chemical test can be performed to detect the presence of autism. Children are instead diagnosed with autism as the result of observations of their behavior. By watching how children interact with each other and the way they carry themselves, parents and medical professionals can detect and officially diagnosis autism. As a mom, you are on the front line of the autism war, as you will likely notice before all others that your child appears to be suffering. If you suspect that your toddler may be autistic, there are some characteristics for which you can watch.

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How Do I Recognize Child Behavior Problems?

Behavior and conduct disorders rank among the most common reasons why children are referred for mental health evaluations, according to The Ohio State Medical Center. Parents should seek the advice of professionals if a child shows symptoms, because a failure to deal with the problem effectively can put a child at a higher risk for failing in school or developing other mental health problems. The challenge is in recognizing the difference between normal and abnormal behavior.

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Most Recognized Personal Training Certifications

If you are a mom wanting to lose weight or you are considering a career as a personal trainer, you want to make sure you get certified by an industry-respected organization. For example, some personal training certifications carry more weight than others. Having certification shows that you understand not only what to train but how to go about it so you can help your clients avoid injury.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas + What She REALLY Doesn’t Want

Mothers truly embody dedication, working tirelessly around the clock without breaks, sick days, or pay. According to Investopedia, stay-at-home moms might log an average of 98 hours per week, equivalent to an annual salary of $178,000 if they were compensated for their extensive roles. And let's be fair, most of us, I think, would be…