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Most Recognized Personal Training Certifications

If you are a mom wanting to lose weight or you are considering a career as a personal trainer, you want to make sure you get certified by an industry-respected organization. For example, some personal training certifications carry more weight than others. Having certification shows that you understand not only what to train but how to go about it so you can help your clients avoid injury.

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We Survived Virtual Kindergarten!

We took three “First Day of Kindergarten” pictures this year. There was our son's first day of virtual kindergarten – August 24. Then his first day of hybrid kindergarten – November 10. Two weeks after that, we went back to all-virtual school. We started round two of hybrid kindergarten again at the end of February.…

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#ModernMomMondays: Episode Three with Andrea Woroch

There’s no denying it — raising a family is expensive and in this episode, Winnie Sun and Andrea Woroch, a nationally-recognized budgeting expert and mom of two young girls, talk all things money and kids. Andrea discusses the challenges parents face with managing a budget and prioritizing expenses. Plus, the real ingredients in creating a…

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Keep Your Kids Safe in the Water this 4th of July

If you are planning on hitting the beach, pool, or nearby lake to celebrate the 4th this year, make sure you keep your little ones safe while enjoying the water with family and friends! The Infant Swimming Resourceprovided the following tips to help families protect their young children in and around the water this 4th of July weekend.

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How To Network And Increase Your Social Capital

The current economic climate is having a significant impact on women. The industries hardest hit by furloughs and layoffs – hospitality & tourism, education, and service jobs, were staffed predominately by women.  Many of whom are working moms, supporting multi-generational family members while balancing work and motherhood. For all of us, navigating this challenging economic…