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Tax Credit for Energy Efficient Improvements

Implementing energy-efficient improvements in your home not only helps the environment, but it keeps your wallet filled too. Along with long-term energy savings, you will save money through tax credits. The federal government actively promotes its energy-efficiency tax-credit programs to lead American homes toward increased energy efficiency.

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Easy Ways for a Tween to Make Money

After school and during the summer months when school is out, tweens seek ways to keep busy and earn extra money at the same time. Earning money by working teaches tweens responsibility, can improve their self-worth and introduce them to the proper ways of budgeting their money. Help your teen come up with easy ways to make money, based on the knowledge and skills he already has.

2 mins read

Buying Stocks for Kids

Teach kids about the value of investing money rather than spending it. Not much money is needed to start buying stocks or fractions of stocks for kids. Start when the child is born or when she is old enough to recognize certain brands and companies. Choose company stocks which are in line with your family values as well as the child’s interests.

3 mins read

How to Play the Stock Market for Beginners

Playing the stock market is one part of an investment strategy that gives you a sense of having some control over your money. Keep some money in an interest-bearing savings account and invest another portion of your money in the stock market. Give yourself time to understand the basics of investing and save the more complicated features of brokerage accounts, including buying on margin, for when you are more comfortable with stock market investing.