5 mins read

Letting Go: Redefining The Mother-Daughter Relationship

It is the eve of the night before my first baby girl Neriah becomes an adult. How did this day come so soon? This natural rite of passage I imagined gently greeting me hit me like a bold question mark at the end of a sentence. Despite the lack of emotional preparation, the day unfolds,…

6 mins read

My Family Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

When people hear that I have twins, one of the first questions I’m usually asked is, “Do you have family around to help you?” The answer to that question is like one of the relationship status options on Facebook: It’s complicated. Although my mother and stepfather live nearby, I haven’t spoken to them since Elby turned two. My mom bought her only grandchild a tricycle at that birthday but she’s never seen her ride it. Since Elby will be five in November, shes long since grown out of the three-wheeler phase and now has a big girl bike she rides everywhere but her trike still resides in the garage waiting patiently for the twins.