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Tips on Relaxing Your Hair at Home

If you have always wished that your curly tresses were sleek and straight, relaxing your locks may give you the look you desire. While relaxing your hair doesn’t necessarily require a trip to the beauty parlor, you should exercise extreme caution when you try at-home relaxing, as the chemicals required can be incredibly damaging. Before you begin your relaxing attempt, educate yourself on safe techniques.

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Facial Exercises to Tighten the Skin on Upper Eyelids

Exercising the body helps to keep it in shape, so its logical to assume that exercising the face will help to keep it more youthful looking. While no scientific evidence proves that exercising your face works, the theory is that contracting and relaxing facial muscles, including the ones on your eyelids and around your eyes, will improve muscle tone. You can do facial exercises while you watch TV or when you have a break at work for a quick lift, recommends the Care Fair website.

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Relaxing Hair While Pregnant

Pregnancy can leave many women feeling less than glamorous, so it’s not uncommon for them to want to pay special attention to their overall beauty regime. Although some women might not otherwise think twice about visiting the salon for a new look, others might question the effects of chemical hair relaxers on their developing babies while pregnant. Although there is not a lot of research to indicate chemical hair relaxers are explicitly dangerous, most health-care providers exercise caution when advising pregnant patients as to whether the process is completely safe.