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Smart Phones are Smart for Homework Time, Too

When I was growing up, “homework time” looked like this: books and papers spread across the kitchen table, TV turned off and all other distractions kept to a minimum, including phone calls with friends (on the shared family phone with the eternally tangled chord). Mom-enforced. Fast forward several decades. Recently, I went upstairs to check…

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July Astrology

Hello Dear Readers, The quandary of early July is here. What can you say about a month that begins under a power gridlock of two opposing mighty gods, Sun and Pluto, and four retrograde planets? Dont count on anything just yet, wait it out, stay on your yachtwhether literal or fanciful; water planets predominate right now anyway.

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Baby Name Advice

Many families feel pressure when deciding upon a baby name. Parents may want to please one another in the choices they make or, conversely, may fundamentally disagree. Extended family and friends usually have plenty of baby name advice to share, too, but the ultimate decision rests with the parents and you shouldn’t feel pressured to give your child a name that doesn’t represent your preferences.