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The Best Cell Phone Family Plans

Family cell phone plans are a good choice if you would like to have one bill for several cell phones. This can be useful whether you want to be on the same plan with a spouse, your older children, or both. Every family will have its own specific needs that will determine which cell phone carrier and plan will work the best for its situation. Because it can be frustrating and expensive to change cell phone carriers, it’s important to choose a carrier that will fit your needs for at least the length of the cell phone contract.

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How to Plan a Vegan Diet for a Toddler

A vegan diet, which is free of any animal products, can adequately meet the nutrient needs of a rapidly developing toddler as long as proper planning is involved. As with any diet, parents must offer a variety of healthy foods to avoid nutrient deficiencies and ensure proper weight gain. A vegan diet must include a reliable source of vitamin B12, most commonly found in animal products, and offer sufficient calories and fat for the growing 1- to 3-year-old child.

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Can You Get Pregnant on Birth Control Pill If You Miss One Day?

Birth control pills offer reliable and easy-to-use contraception, but sometimes life gets in the way and you simply forget to take a pill or miss a pill due to illness. Knowing what to do for a missed pill and how to effectively manage this situation can keep you feeling safe and prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Your pregnancy risk depends on the type of pill you take and when during your cycle you miss a pill.

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How Early to Take a Pregnancy Test

If you are trying to become pregnant or suspect you might be, finding out for certain is probably at the forefront of your mind. You might be tempted to run out and take a pregnancy test days after you think you might have conceived. While many women can get accurate test results before they even miss a period, testing too early can lead to inaccurate results and frustration.