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When is the Rhythm Method of Birth Control Safe?

While jokes abound about the rhythm method, it can be a reliable method of natural family planning that prevents pregnancy effectively. Modern knowledge about fertility patterns and signs can help you to make good choices about when to engage in sexual activity and when to abstain, when you are using the rhythm method. To know when you are safe and when you are not, you need to know your own cycle and your body.

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Restless Sleeping in Babies

The phrase “sleeping like a baby” implies a deep, restful sleep. But for many babies, nothing could be further from the truth. Restless sleeping in babies is caused by many different factors. For some babies, a certain amount of restlessness during sleep is normal, especially if they are very young. Older babies might be suffering from correctable environmental conditions that are causing the restlessness.

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Explain the Single Life To Your Kids

Among the many thorny conversations Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will eventually have to have with their six kids following their recently announced plans to divorce, lies one in particular that routinely stumps even the most grounded parents: how to explain to your kids that you are dating someone who is not their mom or…

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How Long After You Start Taking Birth Control Is It Effective ?

Birth control pills are a practical, effective and easy-to-use contraceptive choice. Used correctly, the pill is more than 99 percent effective; however, user error, including missed pills or starting a pill pack late, is responsible for most birth control failures. Know how to take your pills when you start oral contraceptives and when you can rely upon them as your primary form of birth control.