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What’s Scarier Than The Sex Talk? Talking About Food & Weight!

Would you rather talk to your teen daughter about her sex life or her weight? If you chose the former, you’re not alone: anew study released this month by WebMD showed that nearly 22% of parents are uncomfortable discussing the dangers of being overweight with their kids, compared to only 12% of parents who feel uncomfortable discussing sex with their teenager.

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An Open Letter To Donald Sterling From A Multiracial Mom

Mr. Sterling,I have four children that are all sports fans. My oldest daughter is a Los Angeles Lakers fan. My other three are Los Angeles Clippers fans. We are a house divided by the sports teams we love and follow.But this week, we were united in sadness. While watching television, the kids and I heard the racially charged audiotapes that your multiracial girlfriend, V.Stiviano, made of you rambling on about black people …