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Going Green With Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is sustainable. Unlike fossil fuels–which are dwindling resources that can’t be replaced–renewable energy comes from such infinite sources as the sun, earth and wind. Renewable energy is free from many of the negative environmental impacts caused by fossil fuels—namely, global warming and water pollution. Plus, renewable energy is the wave of the future. According to the US Department of Energy, the world’s available fossil fuels will be consumed in 104 years if there isn’t a global switch to renewable energy. This is a switch the world has to make. Many people are already going green with renewable energy in their homes and their lifestyles.

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Tax Credit for Energy Efficient Improvements

Implementing energy-efficient improvements in your home not only helps the environment, but it keeps your wallet filled too. Along with long-term energy savings, you will save money through tax credits. The federal government actively promotes its energy-efficiency tax-credit programs to lead American homes toward increased energy efficiency.

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How to Make a Solar Energy Cooker

Teach your children about using renewable energy and helping the planet all while having a fun time and cooking dinner. Make a solar energy cooker and demonstrate to your children how much energy the sun produces. You can use simple materials that you probably already have at home to build the cooker. Set it in an outdoor spot that receives plenty of sunlight, and use it to cook simple foods, such as hotdogs, English muffin pizzas or to boil water.

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This Week In Funny Parenting Tweets

The week’s best parenting humor, in 140 characters or lesshttps://twitter.com/XplodingUnicorn/status/440947514062417921At this stage of her pregnancy, my wife would be less upset if I cheated on her than if I hid food. She bit me over half a brownie.https://twitter.com/LetMeStart/status/440656173621317632Funny how you don’t realize your daughter’s best friend is a balloon until the cat jumps on it, claws out.https …