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Beach Day Must-Haves

It's summer which means the beach! We rounded up some fun and useful items for the whole family. This beach towel will definitely be a hit at your next beach or pool day. It's none other than a giant Pink Pop Tart Beach Towel with a bite taken out of it! Absolutely adorable and has…

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Best Facial Skin Care Products

Every woman should have the basics in her facial skin care arsenal. For most, flawless skin doesn?t just happen. Even those blessed with a perfect complexion have to take care of their skin to keep it that way. It takes the right products and care to have radiant skin. The best products can help improve your skin, while protecting it. Here are four essential skin care products for a flawless face:

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How to Repair Dry Hair Extensions

Despite the fact that it grows from living material, hair is actually dead once it leaves the follicle. This is why hair requires special care to keep it looking its best. Your scalp also helps with this task by producing oils that keep your hair hydrated. Hair extensions can add length to your style and require just as much care as your real hair. Since they are not living hair attached to your scalp, hair extensions lack the oils that your own hair receives. This can leave them looking dull and dry. Repairing them requires the use of a conditioner at least once a week.