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Brooke Reports on the Gulf Disaster…

Immediately after I committed to getting involved with Blue Seals, David and I set out for Louisiana. I needed to see with my own eyes what was going on down there so we could figure out a way to contribute. It saddened me to hear some of the Twitter feedback when I tweeted that we were off to explore the Gulf and help with the oil spill. Someone actually wrote that my involvement sounded like a publicity ploy. My first reaction was disappointment at how jaded people are, then I thought: So what! If I can use myself and my celebrity as a publicity ploy to bring attention to a desperate situation, I am totally willing to do just that. So off we went, not knowing what the days ahead would show us.

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Debbie Rowe Sues Over Reports of Payout For Giving Up Kids

Debbie Rowe filed a lawsuit against Rebecca White, the woman who claimed that Rowe had plans to give up custody rights of her children with Michael Jackson in exchange for millions. Rowe asserts that she doesn’t even know this woman who claimed to be a “close friend” of hers. She denies ever emailing with White. The lawsuit claims that White fabricated the emails stating that Rowe said she should fight for custody of Prince and Paris so she wouldn’t look bad.

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Golden Bachelor Divorce – Why All Marriages Should Have a Prenup

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, stars of the reality show "The Golden Bachelor," have decided to end their marriage after just three months. The couple, who became engaged and married following their appearance on the show, announced their decision during an emotional interview on "Good Morning America." Despite the short duration of their marriage, both…