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How to Be a Superhero (Magic Not Required)

Anyone looking for a light, breezy read today might feel the urge to click elsewhere when I mention that September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month. But wait! If you stick with me, you’ll soon see that this is an article about health, hope, and happiness — and how you can achieve each of those…

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Dating is Terrible (Especially When You’re Cougar-Aged)

A few days ago, I received a spam email addressed to Discreet Cougar. Yowzer. I am hoping I am neither, though that hope is likely in vain. My age qualifies me as a “cougar”, I know. Though whether my looks do or not is up to the beholder. Are cougars well maintained? Or just ungracefully fighting the aging process? Are they pathetic or bold? Or both?

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Requirements to Adopt a Child

When you’ve made the decision to adopt a child, you’ve got another hard choice to make — which agency to go through for your adoption. Typically, you can adopt through a state agency, a private agency in the United States or one that adopts children internationally. All have different requirements that you must meet if you want to adopt.

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What Is an Adoption Specialist?

Adoption can be a complicated process fraught with bureaucratic tasks. There is often the added complication of different states and countries having diverse requirements and laws pertaining to adoption. Adoption specialists are there to fill in the gaps of information and support people through the process.

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Birthday Games for a 10-Year-Old Girl

Too old for Candy Land and too young for Truth or Dare, many 10-year-old girls require special games for their maturity levels. On the positive side, girls at this age have a strong sense of what they like and dislike, and they want to participate in the planning of birthday party games. Make your girl’s 10th birthday party special by amping up the creativity and fun quotient in the party games.