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Autism and Respect

Autism and Respect Fifteen is such a tough age. There’s so much going on at this age. So many pressures and changes. Even your body doesn’t feel right half the time. On top of all of this, some fifteen-year-olds, naming ours, struggle with some basics. Autism presents challenges in communication and social situations. How to…

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How to Deal With Disrespectful Children

When your child acts disrespectful, whether to you or another adult, it feels as though you’ve been slapped in the face. Children show disrespect for a variety of reasons, according to child psychologist, Dr. Victoria Samuel. Your child may speak back to you if he feels either ignored or that you aren’t being fair to him. He may act up simply to see how you or another grown-up will react. Whether you’re dealing with a younger child, preteen or teenager, make it clear that disrespect won’t be tolerated.

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Why Respecting Your Body is More Important Than Ever

Sex has overtaken many aspects of our culture. It is on the television, on the covers of many magazines, in almost every corner of the internet, and our children seem to be immersed in innuendo and direct sexual content. I would not call myself old-fashioned, but I feel that our cultures attitudes and behaviors about sex are out of control, and we seem to be more and more desensitized the more we are exposed to this. I believe that human body is a work of art and should be appreciated. I am not in favor censorship — I am in favor of good taste and mutually respectful behavior that models and emulates a respect for ourselves, each other and our bodies.