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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift-giving is truly a talent. It’s not easy to run around from store to store trying to figure out what to get for every single member of your family. We partnered with Square Panda to bring you a gift guide to help you get your shopping done with some personalized options for each recipient. Here…

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Too Much Stuff!

My husband and I moved into our current home not quite thirteen years ago. About two weeks afterwards, some faulty electrical wiring caused a fire that destroyed a good chunk of the house. Luckily, nobody was hurt, and we didnt lose anything that couldnt be replaced. Photos, videos and keepsakes were all spared.

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Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery

It is no secret that mothers have to sacrifice a great deal during and after pregnancy. A new baby brings with it, in addition to unspeakable joy, many changes for the family, and particularly for the mother. However, not a lot of attention is always given to the fact that some of these changes are physical. The fact is, a mothers body generally changes a great deal over the course of, and following a pregnancy. This can often lead mothers to feel differently about themselves once they have had children, and perhaps to lose some confidence in their bodies.