2 mins read

Coachella Mom Syndrome: Signs and Symptoms

Has your best friend at mommy group been more interested in listening to her iPod than stories about your childs sleeping habits? Is she unusually sullen about this weekends plans? Developed a sudden penchant for cut off demin shorts paired with ankle booties?

13 mins read

March Astrology

Dear everyone, here comes March and what do we have? The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Chiron, all swimming in the emotional waterworld of the ocean god. This is just how last month ended, with Mercury and Saturn retrograde, causing us to look backwards and review and re-investigate various details and make some changes.

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A ‘Good Wife’ No Longer

She has finally had enough. The character modeled on the likes of the wife of the former New York governor, Silda Spitzer (who stuck by her husband after he resigned his office amid a call girl scandal) and other politicians wives whose husbands publically cheated on them and humiliated them, has been pushed too far.

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Easter Games for Kids & Adults

Easter can bring out the kid in even the most serious adults, and Easter party games give parents a chance to share the joy of spring with their children. When weather allows, parties can take place entirely outside–Easter brunch served on the patio can segue smoothly into races and treasure hunts. A large central table piled with baskets and treats helps create a central gathering place where hosts can explain the rules and prizes for the games.

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Because Y'All Know I’m Fascinated…

With the whole Tiger Woods Saga. The rise of the chosen one, the fall of the chosen one, and now, the possible resurrection. And then, yesterday, the commercial. For those of you who havent yet seen Tiger Woods new Nike commercial, check it out here, so you can participate in the chat!