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5 Dream Destinations for Your Second Honeymoon

Ill be completely honestmy honeymoon, nearly 20 years ago, wasnt all that great. I was sick in bed with the flu the whole first week on Kauai. The second week, my husband and I decided to try our hand at windsurfing on Maui. While I was feeling better, it was grueling. We ended each day bandaging our blistered hands (a side effect of gripping the boom when youre a beginner windsurfer …

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Hispanic Baby Names for Girls

Naming a baby girl is a major decision. She carries her first name with her for life, and with her name, your love. Hispanic names are those from Spain and Central and South America — or Latin America. Tradition plays a big part in naming children of Hispanic heritage, with some girls taking the same name as their grandmothers or great aunts, and others from famous religious, historical or cultural characters. Names such as Maria, Anna and Rosa remain common, but young parents choose from a wide range of alternatives.

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Popular Southern Baby Names

Many Southern parents elect to give their children names representative of their region. These names often have a Southern flair and relate back to geographic features or objects common to these states. Whether you were born and raised in the South, or whether you are a Yankee who now lives in the South, you might be thinking that your new baby needs a name from this culturally rich region of the United States.