5 mins read

Autism and Vacations

My son loves to travel. He got that love to travel from his parents. A few years ago, my son and I took a road trip together—just the two of us. We hit some great Western states and tourist stops. We drove a lot in those twelve days. My son was eleven. We had taken…

3 mins read

Overcoming Challenges to Getting Lean and Fit

As registered dietitians and personal trainers, when people come to us and want to get leaner and healthier, we typically notice two road blocks that most people are faced with when it comes to meeting their goals. The first difficulty usually surrounds snacks—people aren’t prepared and either want a quick energy boost during the day or…

11 mins read

July Astrology

Hello Dear Readers, The quandary of early July is here. What can you say about a month that begins under a power gridlock of two opposing mighty gods, Sun and Pluto, and four retrograde planets? Dont count on anything just yet, wait it out, stay on your yachtwhether literal or fanciful; water planets predominate right now anyway.