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When My Child With Autism Was Diagnosed With Cancer

This week I want to share a guest post from Jess Block Nerren. Her son has autism and was recently diagnosed with cancer. Here is her heartfelt story:Autism and pediatric cancer. Autism and Hodgkins Lymphoma. No matter how you say those two together, it sounds tough.My son Royce, 8, with autism was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma about 60 days ago, on March 3, 2014.We went to the hospital for back …

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Valentine’s Day Gifts We Love

Want to get your special someone a special something this Valentine’s Day? With February 14th just around the corner, we’ve put together a list of great gift ideas for busy moms. From chocolate and slippers to super cute pillows, you’ll find just the thing to show your love! 1. Love Notes Bottle Stopper