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Cute Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Remember the days when every little thing your spouse did was adorable and romantic? Remember how you called all of your friends to gush about him and how cute he looked or how thoughtful he seemed? Flash forward to the present day, when youre more likely to focus on what he hasnt done for you lately. Sure, youre still calling your friends about him, but what youre saying now bears little resemblance to the early days. What once began as just the two of you is now a house, two cars, a dog, two kids, and countless bills to pay and chores to do. Its hard to keep everything running smoothly, but its relatively easy to lose sight of why you chose that person in the first place. Thats why anniversaries are so important. They are an annual reminder to slow down, enjoy each other, and celebrate everything youve done and where youre going.

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Sleepover Party Birthday Ideas

Attending or throwing a sleepover birthday party can be a rite of passage for many preteen and teenage children. Spending a night away from home shows that they are old enough to be away from their parents while giving them a chance to bond with other children their own age. Unfortunately, slumber parties can get out of hand when bored children start teasing and playing pranks on each other. Keep your child’s sleepover running smoothly by planning structured activities for the guests.

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Balancing Act

I’ve done a couple interviews recently about “mommyhood.” I thought some interesting things came up in the interviews. The most asked question was how do I balance it all? I have to be honest, I don’t really think it’s always about balancing, instead I think of it as trying keep it harmonious and keep things running smoothly.

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Get Your Car Prepared for Winter

Theres nothing worse than being strandedexcept being stranded in bad winter weather. Colder months are tougher on cars, and a little preventative care now will go a long way to keeping your car running smoothly in the face of snow, sleet, rain, and freezing temperatures. We know, it can be tempting to skip a service if your car is running okay, after all, if it isnt squeaking at you, theres no problem, right? Wrong. Neglecting to give your car a pre-winter checkup is penny-wise and pound-foolish. It may seem like youre saving precious time and money, but in the long run, youre doing neither. The good news is that getting your car winter-ready doesnt have to cost you an arm and a leg.