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Back to School Safety Tips for Parents

Summer is drawing to a close, and we are getting our kids ready for back to school. So we asked our mom friends if they had any questions or concerns about their childrens safety. Here are a few of the top concerns: Question #1: Walking to School My child will be walking to school this year. He is in 5th grade and I want to give him safety skills without scaring him. What should I tell him?

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Listeria Concerns Prompt Nationwide Hummus Recall

Lansal, Inc. has announced a voluntary recall on 14,860 pounds of their hummus and bean dip products effective across the country due to possible listeria contamination. Hummus and bean dip varieties involved in the recall include Target Archer Farms, Trader Joes, Tryst, and Giant Eagle. The affected products have use by dates between April and June 2014. All retailers and distributors have been contacted by Lansal, Inc. to remove the affected product. Consumers should …

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Kids Costume Safety Tips

Princesses, pirates, jungle animals and ghosts fill the streets on Halloween – the scariest night of the year!Children begin planning their Halloween costumesas soon as the air cools and the pumpkins line the streets. And although the options might seem almost endless, there are a few important safety concerns that should always be considered to keeptrick-or-treating fun and not frightful.Luckily, we’ve got some great tips to help you say boo to unsafe costumes: