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How to Make Your Own Maypole

Dancing around the Maypole is lovely European tradition usually celebrating Mayday. But, in many countries, it’s a dance that takes place all summer long. Now, obviously it is not May, so my version of this sweet tradition is to welcome summer and was the perfect accessory to my 3-year-old daughter’s birthday party! We had so much fun dancing around the Maypole, and we know you will too! Here are some simple steps to make your very own Maypole: Supplies

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Peep Kebabs Dessert Recipe

Who doesn’t love Peeps? The delicious marshmallow treats hit shelves around Easter time every year and they are just so sweet! For an extra-decadent holiday dessert, try this recipe for Peep Kebabs: Ingredients Peeps in assorted colors Large marshmallows Decorative sprinkles Sanding sugar Brownie cake mix 3 T chocolate pudding 1 c milk chocolate chips (This is plenty for 6 or less skewers) Wooden skewers

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Baby Rooms on a Budget

The expenses associated with having a baby add up quickly, forcing many couples to find ways to cut costs. The variety of themed nursery decor available causes many parents to spend too much just to decorate the baby’s room. But for just a little cash and a lot of creativity, you can design a beautiful room for your baby without breaking the bank.