7 mins read

Make Your Profile Standout on LinkedIn

Now that year-end crunch time is over, you may be cashing in your holiday bonus check and checking out new employment opportunities. Many employers use social media to recruit new employees, mostly through LinkedIn. Translation: create a great Linkedin profile, and fast! An effective LinkedIn profile allows you to present yourself in a multi-dimensional way…

3 mins read

How to Teach Kids the Importance of Giving

“I want one,” “Give me that,” and “That’s mine” are all pretty familiar sounding phrases to most parents. A child’s world is naturally all about himself, so looking out for number one is really not selfish behavior. Children need to learn that giving is as important as taking, and although a little maturity will help get that message across, there are lots of steps parents can take to help kids understand and appreciate the importance of giving.

3 mins read

Depression in Preschoolers

Depression is typically thought of as a problem that teens and adults have, but preschoolers can experience depression too. Studies have shown that chronic depression often begins in childhood. “One of the most important mental-health discoveries of the past 10 to 20 years has been that chronic mental illnesses are predominantly illnesses of the young,” said Daniel Pine, of the National Institute of Mental Health, during an interview with “The New York Times.” Preschoolers suffering from true depression can be helped by receiving early help and learning to cope with their unhealthy thinking patterns.